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My name is Shifa Saltagi Safadi. I am a mother to three wonderful children, who were the inspiration behind this blog.

I have always loved to read and write, (I have a binder full of poems and stories that I wrote when I was age 7 and up), but when I became a mother, I found I was also passionate about reading Islamic books to my children and playing crafts with them. It gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with them, while also bringing up important issues in the stories that we otherwise might not have thought to discuss with each other. 

I hope you enjoy reading my book reviews, checking out the Islamic products I love to use, using my free printables, and playing my fun craft ideas with your own children.

Update: As of May 2020, I have become a Children's Book Author! I am so excited and I hope this is a benefit to all Muslim Kids!

You can find my book "Spell it Like Samar" at Ruqaya's Bookshelf: https://ruqayasbookshelf.com

May Allah bless all our children and let them be among the most righteous people.


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