Ramadan Printables

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Ramadan Word Search Puzzle

A fun Word Search of Ramadan words, perfect for those long fasting days. In fun Purple and Green colors!

Ramadan Crossword Puzzle

A cross-word puzzle with Ramadan terms that is very helpful and educational for children who are learning about Ramadan. They will learn while having fun, and strengthen their Islamic vocabulary and spelling.

Ramadan Bookmarks: Three Colorable and Three Filled

Download and Print these six fun Ramadan bookmarks. Three are colorable and three are inspiring and suitable for adults!

Connect the Dots- Masjid and Lantern

Children will absolutely love this fun activity. There are two pages, one with a Masjid outline, and one with a Ramadan Lantern. The perfect activity for those long fasting days. Color and cut out for extra fun!

Ramadan Arabic Coloring Booklet

Download and Print this free Arabic Alphabet Coloring booklet that is filled with Ramadan themes. Each page of the booklet has a picture that is fun to color and the Arabic words are helpful for expanding children's Islamic vocabulary.

Ramadan Cards

Download and Print these Ramadan Cards. Print on card-stock for best results. Perfect for handing out to neighbors and friends.

Zaydo Potato Word-Search

Download and print this free fun word-search, perfect to be used along with the Zaydo Potato Muslim Superhero Book, published by Rummana Publishing. Check out their cute superhero book, perfect for  Muslim children.

Ramadan Bingo

Download and Print this Free Fun Ramadan Bingo game. It comes with an instruction page, and four different bingo sheets for the whole family. Perfect and fun for kids!

Fun Ramadan Packet

Download and Print this Fun Ramadan Packet. It contains everything in one packet for your convenience: word-searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, connect the dots, color by number Masjid, and an info sheet on Ramadan to teach your children. This would be the perfect packet to pass out at your children's school. The best part: it's free!

Fun Crescent Moon and Dhikr Star Scavenger Hunt

A fun printable that is a craft, a game, and DECOR all in one! Download, print, and play!

Ramadan Iftar Crown

Is your child fasting for the first time this year? Or maybe they just like crowns!
Download and Print this "First Time Fasting" Ramadan Crown, cut out, and tape together, and you have a Ramadan princess or prince! Decorate how you like!

Ramadan Duaa Card

A cute table reminder for the kids to remember saying the Iftar duaa. (available in English, Arabic, and Transliteration) Cut out, fold at the lines, and glue the bottom part to make a tent shape.

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