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Arabic Number Game

Download and print this Arabic number for kids to help them learn their Arabic numbers, shapes, and colors. Remember to glue them unto a black construction paper cut into eight cards so that the other side will not be transparent. Check my blog post for more pictures. Instructions to play provided in printable!

Arabic Board Game

Download and print this free template that gives you the Arabic letters in cubes, pre-made into Animal names. There are also extra letters and Arabic numbers in this printable. You can use the template on any piece of construction board, your own Scrabble board at home, or head to my blog's MY Games area to see how I used it to make a fun Arabic board game for kids.

Dhikr Coloring Book

Download and Print this coloring book filled with 7 pages of colorable geometric and cool patters and a Dhikr phrase on each page. Usable for adults and children!
Instructions: Use Card-stock for best results and Cut the background to make a cute little coloring booklet. Colored Pencils look the best.

Owl Salah Log

Download and print this cute Salah log for children over and over each weekend to encourage your children to pray. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Color By Arabic Number: Crayons

Download and Print this coloring activity. Use the color number table to color the picture. Kids will learn their Arabic numbers and colors better, and have fun!

Happy Eid Coloring Page

A Happy Eid coloring page to keep your kids busy!

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