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A Ramadan Mystery

A fun Mystery Treasure Hunt that children are sure to love! This is a special printable just for our valuable subscribers. Download and Print this treasure hunt, follow the parent instructions first, and keep the answer key handy. Cut the booklet out and hand it to your child, and get ready for fun! This is a great activity for Ramadan!

Ramadan Colorable Cards

Download and Print these four colorable cards perfect for children to color and give out to their friends and families.

Ramadan Matching Cards

Download this special set of Ramadan Matching Cards perfect for your children! They are colorable and full of fun Ramadan images. Print on Cardstock for best results and Enjoy!

Ramadan Countdown Packet

This is a packet full of inserts for a Ramadan Advent Calendar. It includes 11 good deeds, 6 colorable bookmarks, 4 Hadith, 7 dhikrs, and 8 fun crafts! The perfect mix of activities to keep your child interested in the Ramadan calendar!

Ramadan Quiz Cards

These thirty quiz cards are perfect for placing in your countdown calendar for Ramadan. The cards are Ramadan trivia and when printed properly, they show the questions on the front of the card and the answers on the back. Ages 4 and up.

*Custom fit for a DesiDollCompany Countdown Calendar, but can be used with any.

Eid Photo Booth Props

Ready for some fun? Check out these cute Eid Photo Booth Props, perfect for your Eid parties. For best results, print them out on card-stock, cut out, and then tape unto a prop stick. Take plenty of pictures and SMILE!

Eid Colorable Cards

Download and Print out these beautiful Eid cards that are colorable and perfect for your kids to get excited about Eid. These mini cards can be used as gift tags or goody bag toppers as well! Print on card-stock for best results.

Islamic Months WordSearch

A fun Islamic Word-search about the Islamic months. Fun and free!

Can be used with the Shade7 book!

Islamic Months Word Scramble

Download and print this fun word scramble about the 12 Islamic Months. A wonderful tool for helping your children learn the spelling and names of these blessed months. Use with the Shade7 book!

Islamic Months Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this crossword puzzle about the 12 Islamic Months. These fun facts about each months are sure to help your children learn all about the 12 holy months. Use with the Shade7 book for added fun!

Duaa (Table Printable)

A cute table reminder for the kids to remember saying Bismillah before eating and saying Alhamdulilah after. Cut out, fold at the lines, and glue the bottom part to make a tent shape.

Quran Crown

Has your little one recently memorized a Juz (or more of Quran)? Print out this Quran crown to make them feel special and as a reminder of the Hadith to hopefully be crowned in the Akhira with a better crown.

Eidi Envelope

Check out this printable Eidi colorable envelope for kids. Print, color, cut, glue, and USE!

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