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10 duaas for Ramadan

Genre: picture book⠀

Ages: 4 and up⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

This book is an adorable simple duaa booklet for young children during Ramadan! There are ten different duaas, each with its own Arabic duaa words, English meaning, and English transliteration to pronounce the duaa. ⠀

The book starts with a page defining the three types of duaas, and a page asking Allah to help us come closer to Him in Ramadan. I love that the book teaches the concept to young children that Ramadan is a time to deepen one’s connection with Allah!⠀

Everyone of the ten duaas comes from either the Quran and Sunnah and is sourced below it, which I really appreciated.⠀

I also liked how most of them were relevant and specific for Ramadan days, and were titled in bold on when to say the duaa. I also like how some relevant terminology is explained after the duaa in italics for kids to know more.⠀

The book ends with a page explaining that the duaa of a fasting person is always accepted, which encourages young children to make their own personal duaas to Allah!⠀

This book is simple enough for young children to understand but also a useful information tool for the older ones to memorize their duaas and to be inspired to ask their own personal requests to Allah!

price: 9 usd


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