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10 Things I Love about Ramadan

Genre: picture book⠀

Ages: 4 and up⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

While I liked the duaa version of this book, I’m going to be honest- this one was kind of disappointing!

Nothing is bad about it, but its just really an average list of ten Ramadan things that anyone could come up with!

I honestly expected something more for a book titled 10 things I love about Ramadan, maybe each page having a counting objective, like 1 moon, 2 dates, 5 prayers etc... ⠀

There were ten pages with ten things about Ramadan and each word such as suhoor or iftar is defined and the main character says she loves it and what she likes about it.⠀

It is a useful tool for teaching Ramadan terms but I wish it had counting to it, and maybe its because I kind of was expecting it that I found it not fulfilling my expectations, but the illustrations are cute and the information is accurate.

price: 9 usd


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