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101 dishes for the Emperor

What a cute folktale-style picture book for kids!

Genre: Picture Book


Author: Soni Zuberi Shah

Illustrator: Fatima Zahra Hassan

Publisher: 101 Books

Anwar really wants the Emperor to try his mother’s daal, cause surely he would agree that it is the very best one ever made. So Anwar sets out to invite the Emperor, but when the ruler actually ends up agreeing to visit them and brings his whole entourage with him, Anwar has to figure out how to get everyone enough food!

What a delightful story! I laughed aloud at the resolution, and I thought it was so wholesome to see how Anwar ended up solving his problem.

This story has been passed down the author’s family, and it was delightful to see how it truly has a folktale feel and is a historical story passed down generations.

I also adored the gorgeous illustrations, as they really matched the style of the writing, and the pictures and tones helped the book have a beautiful aesthetic. This book truly felt like high quality to me, and I appreciated how well thought it was and can see the hard work poured into it. I only felt the words could have been trimmed as it was long.

A story with beautiful morals of sharing and problem-solving, it is sure to be a fun bedtime read for kids.


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