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5 pillars of Islam Coloring Book

This came in our @bismillahboxkids Five Pillars Box🎉🎉

Genre: Coloring book

Ages: 3 and up

Available: @uncleomair

This coloring book genuinely is so cute!! It is about the five pillars and contains all of them, as well as details about them and what makes them important.

I loved how the information is useful for kids and includes in depth details such as-what the shahada means, information about Allah, the Prophet, and making duaa! And it defines and explains each of the rest of the pillars as well.

The pages are high quality and so fun to color! My daughters both (3 and 7) enjoyed using the crayons to color and they liked the different colorable letters and fonts.

I also like how this coloring book is unique and includes no faces. Truly a wonderful and fun Islamic resource for kids!

Make sure to check out @bismillahboxkids for more themes! Next month: Alhamdulilah! Count your blessings!

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