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5 pillars of Islam Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s nothing more annoying than putting together a cheaply made puzzle….which this is NOT!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️Starring this fabulous puzzle set for how amazing it is!!!

Ages: 4 plus is accurate!

Available: @muslim.memories

If you know me and my kids, you know we like puzzles and board games! I love getting them off their screens and on the floor for some fun, and when its Islamic- it feels like a bonus of awesomeness!

Honestly, I didn’t realize how annoyed I was at some of the Islamic puzzles I have purchased before until I got this one! Getting such a PERFECTLY made puzzle made me understand why the others were tossed to the side so quick. Honestly, the other puzzles I got before (not from Muslim memories) were cheaply made: I had to break them apart, and then the super small pieces were hard to put together and kept popping up from the carpet, not to mention the pictures started chipping off and they didn’t fall into place.

I won’t spend more time elaborating on those puzzles, but I will talk about how awesome THIS ONE IS!

⭐️The pieces are thick and not bendable- swipe for a side pic

⭐️It contains five puzzles- each for a pillar and perfect for multiple kids playing and racing each other to finish

⭐️The pieces of the puzzle fall into place perfectly, even on thick carpet

⭐️The pictures are awesome and vibrant and easily distinguishable from the other for little kids (pictures by @amuslimmama )

⭐️The age grouping is on point- my 3 1/2 year old loved making them (with help)

⭐️The islamic learning is perfect, especially for visual learners!

⭐️The included picture and adorable post card (I loved this bonus) are super helpful for putting together the puzzles!

⭐️The box is perfect for separate storage- with five compartments!

Def a new family game night favorite! Look for more @muslim.memoriespuzzles on my page inshaAllah! Im obsessed❤️

price: 35 usd


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