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A Darkness at the Door

Wow, this last book in the Darkness Trilogy was EVERYTHING I hoped for and MORE!!!!!!!

Genre: YA Fantasy

Ages: 15/16 plus

Available in July: preorder (preorders help authors!!! Please consider ordering before release date!)

Screening: some fighting/bloody action scenes but nothing too gory. Found it appropriate for the age group and also wanted to mention the romance is totally HALAL- like they are not a muslim couple, but still I totally appreciate that every single one of @booksbyintisar fantasy books are all super clean!!!

After Theft of Sunlight ended on a cliffhanger, I have been dying to know what happened to our heroine Rae! The book was wonderful, action-packed, and did not disappoint. I genuinely don’t want to spoil anything, but I truly appreciated how Rae became a PIRATE QUEEN, grew to love her body and feel empowered because of her disability and not in spite of it, the slow burn romance feels, all the strong female main character vibes, and just the complete resolution in the end.

One of the things I really appreciate about contemporary fantasy novels is that it is not just books that are written in a whole new environment or imagined just for the fun of it. Don’t get me wrong, it is really nice to read a whole new world and see all the world building and try to figure out what’s going on and what the rules are and everything fantastical and unique about this imaginary place.

But what I like about fantasy is that it also addresses contemporary and modern issues in a unique way and it is really powerful teaching the reader so many life lessons from our own world!

This book is wonderful in teaching how to feel empowered to change the world one step at a time even if it feels too big for you! I truly did not know how Ray was going to be able to bring down the snatchers and everyone corrupt in the slavery business and be able to save herself as well! But her intelligence was absolutely awesome to see at work and I gasped more than a few times at all the twists and turns.

Truly a masterpiece and I advise readers to start with Thorn and Theft and preorder this last book.

Truly a gorgeous series I wish I had growing up❤️❤️

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