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A is for Ankle

This book is not an “Islamic” book per se, but it is a wonderful book by a diverse Muslim author, and it teaches kids about the human body, which is important for all kids to know!⠀

First off this book is beautiful quality with a gorgeous Hardcover and glossy pages inside. The lovely illustrations do justice to the book and serve to help explain the words and terms for the child to understand.⠀

I do wish some of the words were a little better. Some like “oral cavity” or “young adult” weren’t understood by my kids, but I understand it might be a struggle to find words for every letter.⠀

I do like how each letter had an activity for the kids to do with that letter. My kids loved doing these and it helped them learn the letter.⠀

This book is perfect for pre-schoolers who are curious about their bodies and love to move while learning! ⠀

Get yours at this link:

price: 15 usd

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