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A Little Tree goes to Hajj

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: kindle edition is 1.99⠀



Islamic notes: clean and mentions duaa, hajj, and the words inshaAllah.⠀

Summary: a little tree really wants to go to hajj, and asks its mother how when it has roots, so its mother tells it to make duaa. A passing man going to hajj takes him in his pot, and they go together, and then he brings him back, taking him on future adventures.⠀

My thoughts: This might be suited more to little ones, and not to older picture book readers. While the tree is cute, I just didn’t feel like it was realistic to expect older kids to believe a tree was talking. My kids were kind of confused at that.⠀

I do like the aspects of duaa and the adorable pictures, but I felt like for a hajj book, there was only 3 pages devoted to Hajj, with minimal words and information about Hajj (a map and mention of Ihram/shaving the head/Tawaf).⠀

The bilingual aspect of it is a nice touch. Having a book both in Arabic and English increases its potential, and from what I saw, the Arabic was nicely and accurately written. My only point is that the Arabic is slightly long, the harakat very minimal, and the font a little small. So for Arabic readers, it would likely need to be those advanced readers.⠀

Overall, it is an adorable bilingual hajj book for little ones full of a lot of cute trees and fun pictures.

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