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A Long Pitch Home

Recommended Age range: 8-12⠀ ⠀ Screening: some girl/boy interaction and the issue of “crushes” and “dating” in Bilal’s older cousin, Jalaal. He has a conflict with his parents about dating his neighbor Olivia, and it seems like their problem is that she isn’t Muslim and he is 17. They end up letting him go to prom with her and taking pictures of them proudly. I would have liked to see more accurate information, which I believe is that Muslims shouldn’t date at all- muslim girl/boy or otherwise. (No physical scenes happen though-just the idea of “dating as friends”)⠀ Halloween/Thanksgiving/Valentines day/Christmas is mentioned/celebrated. ⠀ ⠀ Bilal is a Pakistani boy that is moved to America to live with his Uncle’s family, because his father is being targeted by his former friend, and accused of stealing at work. He is unable to leave due to restrictions by the Pakistan government. Bilal meets Omar Khan, a famous cricket player (and also government figure) in a baseball game, and he takes matters in his own hand to free his father. It is so brave and uplifting to read.⠀ ⠀ Bilal learns many new things about living in America, and hilariously but also emotionally relays his confusion at the culture and learning English and dealing with some of the slang, as well as playing baseball instead of cricket. He is proud of his culture and yet he struggles with trying to fit in (this brought me so many memories of growing up in America myself!) One thing I really liked was the mention of his five prayers was brought up many times, as well as fasting in Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. He also mentions eating “halal” food only.⠀ ⠀ This book shows how refugees and immigrants struggle when they move to America, and it shows their beauty and humanity at trying to adapt to a whole new life.⠀ ⠀ Issues such as bullying at school, trying to fit in, making new friends, and finding commonalities with those around him are themes in the book.⠀

price: almost 9 usd


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