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A Mama's Guide to Getting Back Into Fasting

For the Past few years, I was both Pregnant and Breastfeeding during Ramadan, and wasn’t able to fast.

The fact is, that this year will my first time fasting in three years, and though I did this with my older two…I am a little daunted by the transition. I am also pretty scared about fasting with a little toddler on the loose, especially since I feel like I am barely surviving as is. That being said, I do have a plan to make things easier for myself, and I hope to be able to help mothers like me.

Tip number one:

The Coffee: I plan to wean myself off from my morning cup about a week before Ramadan start. The problem with me having the coffee at suhur, although some may tolerate it, for me it means getting up and staying awake at 3:30 am. Honestly, it would be better for my sanity if I didn’t drink my coffee and was able to sleep until my kids wake up. The perk of weaning myself before Ramadan, is that I can use some acetaminophen to help with the headaches until my body adjusts.

Tip Number 2:

Sleep early to wake up early. I know, the perfect Ramadan is one in which you are able to pray taraweeh in the Masjid and feel the Ramadan spirit in the air there. But the reality is that taraweeh where I live starts at 10 pm and ends at 12 am, and if I were to go, that would mean my kids getting cranky from their missed bed-time (they have school in the mornings too!) and it would be harder to wake up in the morning and do everything I need to do as a mother. I do plan on hopefully praying as much as I can when the kids go to sleep.

Tip number 3:

De-stress and PREP. Honestly, I am already starting to decorate for Ramadan, and I have even started prepping some meals and planning Eid gifts. Anything I can do now is good for what is sure to be a state of no energy in Ramadan. I also decided not to stress about it. I plan on focusing on what I can do instead of what I can’t. And insha Allah my reward is in trying and focusing my intention to be for the sake of Allah. My greatest act of worship is to hopefully raise righteous children.

Hope you enjoyed these tips.

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