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A Mermaid Girl

Ahhh this is a book I have been waiting for my whole life❤️The perfect summer book❤️

Genre: picture book

Ages: 4-8

Available: Amazon- preorder before the june 28 pub date!!

Heba is super excited to wear her burkini to the pool, especially since her and mama match! But when her friends question if she can swim in her modest swimsuit, she looks around and realizes that everyone else is wearing bikinis, or one piece swimsuits, unlike her.

When her mother tells her she’s a mermaid girl, like her ancestors, she feels pride in herself and sets out to show her friends she can do everything they can in the pool, with her mermaid outfit!!

Honestly, a super empowering story and written true to Sana Rafi’s beautiful lyrical writing style! It is a super important topic and a unique book- one I have been dying to get my hands on since I saw the announcement and cover reveal!

This book is perfect, not only for Muslim children, but everyone who prefers to wear modest swimsuits (theres a huge amount of variety out there- lots of websites with fun burkini styles to choose from for all ages🥰).

I also love how this story is about overcoming bullies and being proud of yourself for who you are!!

Last summer, my daughter was in the same exact situation and cried to me about being teased for her burkini at our neighborhood pool! I can’t wait to get my hardcopy to read to my daughter and show her that she is a mermaid girl too!

(This is an #arc from edelweiss!)


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