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A Moon for Moe and Mo

This book is absolutely adorable!! I love the themes of diversity, interfaith friendships, and cultural/religious similarities present in the book❤️⠀

Moe is a sweet little Jewish boy who is celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Mo is a sweet little boy who is celebrating Ramadan. Their mothers take them both to the same “middle-eastern” grocery shop to prepare for their holidays. The boys meet there and they are shocked at how much they look alike! They are both quite mischievous and like to play, and they run around the store and explore together. The storekeeper gives them both falafel and they decide to meet again and play together.⠀

They meet at the park after a few weeks and they are so busy playing in the sand that they don’t notice when their mothers are looking for them. Their mothers are both so excited to see them after they have lost them, and they plan a combined dinner where both families meet and eat together. They both wish peace on each other and look out at the same moon in the night sky.🌙

I absolutely love this book! I love how it shows the similarities of these two sweet boys and how it shows the similarities of the caring mothers and the universal quality of love between families. ⠀

I really liked the illustrations of many different Middle Eastern products and foods and it reminded my children of when we go to the middle-eastern grocery shop. ⠀

The end of the book, it describes both Ramadan (very accurate) and Rosh Hashanah and provides recipes from both backgrounds.⠀

This book is so sweet and I feel like this would be perfect in schools to encourage interfaith friendships!⠀

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price: 14 usd

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