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A Place of Refuge

I absolutely love this book❤️❤️

Genre: Non-Fiction book of essays

Ages: YA/Adults

Price: 20 CAD



Islamic notes: starts with the author’s trip to Hajj, includes many Islamic quotes and inspirations, and ends with reflections after the author’s finished Hajj.

This beautiful book is full of so many lessons, and so many reflections. It is written so clearly from the heart and you can’t help but feel your heart open as you read it. I had to read it twice- it affected me so much that I read it once just to feel it (tears streaming down my face) and then again to be able to review it. I know I’ll be reading it again and again.

Duaa and closeness to Allah is a huge part of this book. I love how it inspires the reader to turn to Allah in every worry and fear and emotion, even if its something you can’t put into words. Truly, duaa is worship in and of itself and a way to get close to Allah.

One of my favorite chapters was the one about social media. It puts into words emotions I have definitely had about “influencer culture”, and gives the reader tools and insight to really think about how to use social media in their life.

Another essay that really stood out to me was the one about those who trivialize the pain of others. Many don’t realize how words hurt, and unfortunately, many don’t bother imagining how the pain of others would feel to them.

SubhanAllah, even the prophets (as) dealt with such people, and Asmaa chooses to rise above it and inspires the reader to do the same. Detach yourself from what people say, and seek refuge in the Lord that knows you and your worries and fears and pain more than anyone else.

The reality is that grief and pain are a part of life, and this book beautifully gives hope. Hope that Allah offers blessings even through the pain. Hope that in seeking refuge in Allah, thats how we find the peace we seek.

The point isn’t to find perfection in this world.

The point is to try our best and push through the tough days.

You might be doing it differently than you feel might be ideal, and you might be holding unto a lot of pain and grief.

But as Asmaa Hussein beautifully says: “The point is: I go"

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