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A Race To Prayer

This is the perfect chapter book for ages 7 to 10. It is written by Aliya Vaughan and published by Kube Publishing.

Only seven short chapters of around 4 pages each.

My seven year old finished it in one sitting (in around half an hour), so it is not too lengthy. It has large clear understandable and kid-friendly words and an illustration every few pages. The story is meaningful, and based on the hadith that the most DEAR deed to Allah is praying at it’s early fixed time. Sulaiman, the little boy in the story, starts off by moping around in his house bored. His dad and grandpa take him to the Quad Races and while there, they hear the Athan. As they go to pray, Sulaiman grumbles the whole time about how he is missing some of the races. When they get back, they realize the part of the stadium where they were at had collapsed and they were saved from injury by going to perform their prayer! They even get offered better seats to watch the race from.

This story really reminded me and my son of the importance or prayer and encouraged us to pray as soon as we heard Athan inshaAllah no matter what we are busy with! May Allah always accept our prayers and help us to make them on time!

You can get your copy at the Crescent Moon Store for 9 dollars.


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