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A Second Look

It is only right that I review this book in the coziest season- cuz this book just warmed my heart all the way❤️❤️❤️🔥

Genre: YA/New Adult

Ages: 16/17 and up

Author: Hannah Matus

Publisher: Tughra

This story follows the romantic (halal) journey of Elizza- daughter of Abul-Bannat (ok I love this pun lol- Bennet turned into Bannat- which translates to father of girls in Arabic).

Elizza has four sisters, Jana- older sweet sister, Mariam-the religious one, Leedya- social media hijabi influence, and Kawthar-Leedya’s sidekick.

When an eligible bachelor comes to their small American town, the whole Muslim community is in a flurry- and especially Elizza’s Libyan mother who is determined to secure good matches for her girls. And Janna just might be on her way to an engagement…

One problem- Tarseen is in the way and keeps complicating everything.

Yes this is a Muslim retelling of Pride and Prejudice, and yes keep them coming- cause I will never tire of this ever❤️

This story really runs very true to the course of the original story, but in a totally authentically Muslim way and with lots of Libyan rep- food, words, culture and even a visit to Libya in the book. I was soooo impressed with the amount of positive rep and the natural way it was all integrated in the text that made the book so engaging and fun to read!

Ahhhh- and allll the feels with the halal love! I was so warmed by how halal everything stayed- and the ending had me a bit teary at the final proposal!

And the HUMOR- I was legit chuckling out loud and laughing outrageously at the hilarious antics of the sisters and the plot- and the social media commentary truly had me rolling on the floor.

I loved the modernness of this story and also the true authentic way it was told! I would recommend a few parts being a bit edited more- some word/grammar areas that I might be a stickler of, but it truly did not affect the reading experience at all.

Def GO OUT and GET this book❤️❤️❤️


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