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A Sky-Blue Bench

This book just clutched at my heart and I felt invested in Aria’s story and so warmed by the resolution!

Genre: Adv. Picture book

Ages: 6-9

Author: @bahram_rahman

Illustrator: @peggysillustration

Published by @pajamapressbooks

Aria is just returning to class after her accident, which left her with a prosthetic leg. She has trouble in school because there are no desks or seats, since the war had caused everyone to use the benches for fuel/warmth. Aria struggles but nothing works to make her comfortable. So Aria comes up with an idea, while looking at the tree outside her window. She decides to build a bench. Once her bench is done she paints it a beautiful blue color, the color of peace and wisdom. And everyone wants to build their own benches too at school, inspired by her own courage and creativity.

This story was so sweet. Set in Afghanistan, it shows beautiful snippets into the life there and the struggles of rebuilding after war. Based partially on the experiences of the author, it inspires hope in the reader that children can come up with creative solutions, even when adults might not see any.

I loved how blue was described as the color of wisdom, courage, and peace and it truly warms the reader to see Aria be empowered to make her own change.

I love how it is about the importance of learning even in the face of hardship, and how it emphasizes independence for those who have a disability. (Aria has a prosthetic leg)

A beautiful book and one that is definitely empowering and inspiring for all readers!

#gifted by @pubspotlight ❤️❤️


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