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Abah Once Told Me

A cute book all about the sunnahs of Jummahs- Fridays.

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-3

Author: Sharifah Huseinah Madihid

Illustrator: Lakhaula S. Aulia

Publisher: Homely Hammock

Iman’s back for more trouble- this time its on a Friday. Before he goes to Jummah, Iman takes a bath, oils his hair, and enters with the right foot (each time doing it hilariously wrong). He stays silent (even though hard) and then eats a huge feast after. Jummah is so important and best of all, Iman was born on a Friday, much to his delight.

I am gonna be honest, I didn’t quite like this one as much as the Mama one- but it is still super cute and fun. The illustrations are fun, the story teaches the sunnah of Fridays, and Iman’s antics hilarious. I just felt Mama was shown as a bit more developed story wise, especially showcasing Mama and Iman’s relationship- but this is cute nonetheless and a wonderful story-time read. Kids are gonna love it!

And one perfect for Jummahs!

Check it out at @shopdeenhubb ❤️


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