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Abdul's Story

Literally this E-ARC brought tears to my eyes and absolutely floored me in every single way! This is a book for everyone: children, adults, readers, writers, and of course most importantly for every little BIPOC child who hasn’t seen stories about him/herself!!!

Genre: Picture Book


Available: please preorder on Amazon before the release date of March 29!! Preorders help authors! So dont wait! ❤️

Abdul loves to tell stories, but his problem is in writing them down. His letters get all mixed up and he keep erasing until the paper rips. But whats the point of trying when there aren’t any stories about people that look like him anyways?

When Mr.Muhammad, an author, comes to visit his class, he shows Abdul his messy notebook. Writers try and try again until they find the story within the mess, he tells him, and Abdul listens…with beautiful results❤️

Wow mashaAllah!! I genuinely have no words that are adequate enough to describe how much this book by @authorjamilahmeant to me!!

I loved everything!! The words and the way the book touched me emotionally. The pictures and colors and home/neighborhood/school of Abdul were just amazing! The inspirational story, the emotional arc, and the wonderful characters! Literally this book is a must have for everyone and I immediately preordered one for my kids!!

This book even taught me a lot. As an author, I struggle with imposter syndrome. And as Mr.Muhammad said- find the story within the mess! After all, writers make mistakes, and mistakes are okay❤️

Crying as I write this review! Go buy this book!❤️❤️

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