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Adam's Day at the Market

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

To be honest, when I first picked up this book I was skeptical of how anyone could tell a story without words. Especially as an author, words are so important to me. And I definitely didn’t expect it to touch me in the way it did.⠀

But as I was flipping through the pages, looking at the illustrations , and focusing on what was not being said... I found myself so emotionally invested and my eyes filled with tears by the end of the book.⠀

Using the images, the book shows a story of a little boy named Adam who goes to the market with his parents and gets distracted by a bird. When he wanders off, he gets lost and turns around to look for his mom and dad, but he can’t seem to find them among the culturally diverse crowd at the market.⠀

There is a nun covering her hair, a Jewish man with the hat similar to his dad’s kufi, an African woman in a turban and colorful flowing clothes, a bearded man in a long robe, a Sikh man, an Indian lady in a sari, and so many more culturally diverse people in the crowd! Adam gets confused and scared, but everyone appears to be helping him look for his parents.⠀

‏ And finally, Adam finds and gives them a big hug in the middle of a smiling diverse crowd. The different people exchange hugs with the parents and everyone is so happy to see this family reunite⠀

This book was so beautiful and so meaningful! When you see how similar everyone is dressed and how everyone is so caring and kind, you see the beautiful humanity and love shared between all types of people, and it is so heartwarming and amazing! ⠀

I loved that Adam’s parents were a biracial couple❤️⠀

I also loved how Islam was so very present in the book (like when the Muslims puts their hands to their chest Instead of shaking hands with the other gender) and at the same time, Islam was not a conflict or issue.⠀

It is truly a story about the beauty in community and the shared humanity with people of all backgrounds coexisting peacefully together!⠀

A definite recommendation!!

Price: 15 usd


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