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After Iftar Tales

Genre: Chapter Book- A Collection of Short Stories⠀

Ages: 8-12⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

I was so excited to receive this new Ramadan Release from @bismillahbuddies ! I am a huge fan of anthologies, especially last year’s once upon a eid!⠀

This collection of Ramadan stories is written by young children, each a different story (with pictures) about the different qualities of Ramadan. ⠀

Some stories talk about decorating, some about food (these were fun and made us hungry), and many moral sweet tales. My personal favorite was the poem about a wheelchair bound girl who yearns to go to the Masjid. I love how each story had its own unique pictures, and the illustrations absolutely blew me away! The pictures on their own make the book perfectly suitable for being “after iftar tales” to read to young children each night, as its almost like multiple different advanced picture books.⠀

The book cover is beautiful and shiny/reflective, and the glossy pages and quality of binding are superb! You can tell a lot went into producing this book.⠀

I loved how the stories were so diverse and representative of all sorts of Muslims around the World!

I did feel like the stories could have used some more editing and tightening up, as you can tell children wrote them, but my ten year old (who is super picky about books) loves reading a story each day, and so it is very entertaining for kids to read!⠀

I love the lessons (albeit a little preachy at times) and the book teaches older children a lot about Ramadan! Some stories made us laugh and some made me emotional, and overall, I would def recommend getting your family a copy!

price: 40 usd


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