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Ahmed and the Very Stuck Teapot



Genre: Advanced Picture Book⠀⁣

Ages: 6-9⠀⁣

Price: 13 CAD⠀⁣

Available: @ruqayas.bookshelf⠀⁣


link: https://ruqayasbookshelf.com/collections/frontpage/products/ahmed-and-the-very-stuck-teapot

Islamic notes: full of Islamic lessons and morals to learn!⠀⁣


⭐️Summary: Ahmed has entered a kite-flying competition, but while practicing the day before, his kite gets stuck in a tree and ruined. On the way to buy a new one from the toy store (which closes at Maghrib) Ahmed notices a baby cow with his mother’s teapot stuck on its leg. Ahmed tries to take it off but it doesn’t budge. He takes her to Amo Waseem, Amo Salih, and its owner Yazan...but by the time the calf gets taken care of and safely home, the toy store has closed and Ahmed can’t buy a new kite anymore. ⠀⁣

Yazan notices his sadness, and not only does Ahmed get a new kite as a gift, but he uses his saved money to buy his mother a new teapot. ⠀⁣

And the next day at the competition, Ahmed is excited to fly his new beautiful green kite.⠀⁣


⭐️There are so many lessons in this book:⠀⁣


Ahmed wants to make it to the toy store, but he does the right thing and takes care of the cow. ⠀⁣


Ahmed ignores the peer pressure from his friend Tariq and stays convinced of doing the right thing, even when it gets harder and harder. ⠀⁣


Ahmed takes care of animals- a quality mentioned in many ahadith to be a beautiful rewarded action by Allah. ⠀⁣


Ahmad mentions that when you help others, Allah helps you. ⠀⁣


And my favorite: Ahmed buys a gift for his mother to replace what she lost- a beautiful lesson on respecting and loving your mother, another beautiful rewarded action mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.⠀⁣


⭐️The discussion questions at the end facilitated extra talking points between me and my kids, and I know this story will be read over and over!⠀⁣


I love this book and absolutely recommend it!

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