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Ahmed Goes to Friday Prayer

Updated: Feb 28

An adorable Spanish-English bilingual book on Jummahs and all the sunnahs of Friday for Muslims.

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Wendy Diaz

Illustrators: Muhammad and Mariam Suhaila Gaudalupe

Self published

Ahmed is getting ready for Jummah prayer. The book shows him getting ready by doing the sunnahs- showering, wearing nice clothing, reading Surah Alkahf, going to prayer and making lots of duaa.

The text is in rhyme, although it did feel to me like it got a bit forced at times, but as a whole flowed together with cohesive voice.

The sunnahs and amount of Islam in the book were quite impressive! Lots of information for young children to learn. I also like that it is in Spanish as well, as there is a huge need and gap for more Spanish and Hispanic Muslim books.

The puppet illustrations are sweet to look at for children who like to see puppet style pictures, and as a whole, although the literature-style and images of the book in my opinion could have been better, I can see this book being a valuable resource.

Check this out.


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