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Al-Alwan, Al-Ashkaal, Al-Arqam

This is a beautiful Arabic board book for kids ages 2 and up. It includes the Arabic Colors, Shapes, and Numbers...all in one book!

The colors are shown in a variety of shades, which is awesome for kids to recognize the different variations.

The numbers are displayed with pictures to assist the children with counting. And all the shapes are displayed next to each other to ease with comparing them.

I love how this book shows the pronunciation in English, which helps children with reading the Arabic letters and numbers.

I made this study guide in the form of a crossword puzzle for my kids to use with the book! All the Arabic is used as a question; and the kids will have to use the word bank provided to translate the Arabic words into English and solve the puzzle. Cut off the word bank from the page to make it more challenging!

You can even use the puzzle alone as a fun Arabic activity.

You can find the crossword puzzle in the free downloads section of this site.

Get your copy of this board book from Civilian Publishing for 13.99 usd.


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