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Alhamdulilah Saves the Day

“Alhamdulilah is what we say, no matter what happens that day”❤️⠀

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-4⠀

Available: @deenhubb@homelyhammock

This new board is absolutely wonderful in so many ways!!⭐️⭐️⠀

First off, I loved the cute pictures, page colors (fall colors just make me happy) and the sparkles! My toddler kept running her hand over the touchable sparkles on the pages (as you can see). This book is so beautiful, I might just display it with some fall decor🍁🍁

Hannah Horse wants to visit Basma Bear, and even after facing so many obstacles, she continues on her path, and realizes in the end that Allah chooses only the best outcome.⠀

The characters were cute animals and my daughter loved hearing the story. It was written very well, with fun rhymes, and was all about saying Alhamdulilah no matter what bad things happen. I liked that this lesson was repeated and shown as a story, as it made it perfect for kids to learn.⠀

The book is beautiful and high quality, and even my older kids were happy to hear the story. My toddler even sat through it all, asking me to repeat it over and over because of how much she liked it!⠀

One of my favorite parts was that the font was different colors and shapes and the word Alhamdulilah was always especially highlighted and shown in the pages. This really signifies the importance of this word and also, the fun colorful font is always a win with kids (have I mentioned the sparkles!!😅)- look at the last slide to see a close up of the sparkles.

I will be looking into the rest of this series on Islamic phrases! Def a super cute and adorable board book that all my kids loved and learned from.

price: 18 usd


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