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Ali Series from Ruqayas Bookshelf


Honestly this set is unlike anything else I have ever read! These change Islamic books forever, and I am so glad my kids are growing up in a time this is available!!

Genre: Chapter book

Ages: 7-12

Available: @ruqayas.bookshelf

These books are around a 3rd grade reading level, easy to read, and suitable content for a wide range of readers. Each book is 10 chapters, around 50 pages, big font, and a few black/white pictures throughout. The box is high quality and the book covers glossy and gorgeous!

Ali and the Gladiator:

Ali has a report on Rome to turn into to Mr. O’Reilly. Ali really doesn’t like to write reports, so he comes up with an interactive Gladiator report. Read to discover the hilarious chaos that ensues.

Ali and the Eid Goat:

Ali heads to Pakistan with his family for summer vacation during Eid Al-Adha. Ali loves everything new he experiences, especially his pet “Eid” goat Fluffy!. But when Eid time approaches, Ali learns what Eid goats are really for.

Ali and the Zoo Escape:

Ali is headed to the zoo with his class. While observing the gibbons, one of them accidentally ends up in Ali’s backpack. This mischief-maker loves opening all the cages of the animals, and the chaos that ensues is hilarious!

Ali and the Alps:

Ali is headed off to Switzerland with his dad and his best friend Bear! Ali and Bear befriend a shepherd and ask to help him herd sheep. Can it really be that hard to take care of just five sheep between the two of them? With Ali, anything is possible!

Ali and the Invention Convention:

Ali is excited to enter the invention competition. But when Bear shows him his invention, Ali laughs, and Bear gets mad. On the day of the convention, Ali’s invention malfunctions. But sometimes, when things go wrong, it also might be ok!

These books fill a huge gap for our kids, and I likened them to the popular series Junie B Jones: hilarious, well-written, engaging, and FUN to read (my kids (7,10) are both obsessed)

Only the Eid one has specific Muslim details, but all the books teach universal morals of kindness and friendship. I love how this series showcases a Muslim kid just living a normal life!


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