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All About Me

Genre: Activity Book⠀

Ages: Preschool- 1st Grade (4-6)⠀

Available: @ahlankids

Islamic notes: This activity book is not Islamic themed, as it is more of a science-based activity book, but it does contain a lot of Islamic content and knowledge.⠀

The activity book is an “All About Me” themed book, and contains 5 parts: Belief, human body, literacy, I/me, and islamic studies.⠀

There are pages with learning both Arabic and English letters, pages on the creation of human beings ( I LOVED this part!), and pages on the senses. ⠀

I liked how whenever anything was written in Arabic, it was also written in transliteration. ⠀

The book is super high quality, the pages are sturdy, and the pictures are vibrant. It looks like a traditional activity book and it def teaches a LOT of knowledge to the kids. There are many different activities, coloring pages, as well as an experiment to do!⠀

I do like how this activity book is a mix of Islamic knowledge and Stem-based activities. It is perfect for home-schooling preschoolers.⠀

I would have liked to see more of a consistent flow, though. I even noticed some grammar issues. I would suggest a professional editor for future editions.⠀

I do suggest checking out this publisher @ahlankids for all their work. I have so far been very impressed by their books and their Fatima Al-Fihri books is one of my favorites.

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