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All About Prayer Activity Book

This came in last month’s@bismillahboxkids!!⠀

Genre: Activity book⠀

Ages: 3 and up⠀

I have really come to love every single activity book in this collection from@kubepublishing

This collection doesn’t disappoint, each book containing stickers, pages to color, and numerous activities on every single issue within an Islamic topic.⠀

This particular book is about prayer. Everything from times of salah, wudu, qiblah, positions of salah, and names of salah is mentioned. ⠀

The book is high quality and the activities are suitable for ages 4-7, with fun activities that will keep kids busy and preoccupied.⠀

There are still a few more@bismillahboxkidsages 5-8 in the cratejoy shop that can be purchased as a one-time gift!⠀

And for signing up to get a free mini box (plus S&H) while you wait for next month’s box, go to

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