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All American Muslim Girl

Genre: YA ⁠

Ages: 16ish and up (see flags)⁠

Islamic screening: there is dating/kissing. Lgbtq muslim girl as a side character. Theological debates and questionable Islamic remarks made but shown as the diversity among Muslims characters. ⁠

Summary: Allie is the 16 yr old daughter of a Circassian Jordanian man and a convert American woman. Her dad likes to distance himself as much as possible from Islam. Whenever Allie seems interested in anything Islamic or learning Arabic, her dad seems to disapprove.⁠

So when Allie starts hanging out with a Muslim girl at her new school and joining Quran Study group, she hides it from her dad.⁠

She develops a relationship with a boy from school who just happens to be the son of an Anti-Muslim tv personality. Insert toxic Islamaphobic remarks made around her, due to her being white-passing.⁠

Allie struggles to figure out her relationship with her boyfriend, her religion, her peers, and her parents in a story that shows how she grows into a more confident young Muslim woman.⁠

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this book! It is about an American muslim girl finding her way and her place in life, and trying to balance everything in her own way. It was so relatable to see her struggles and fears. The way she stood up to criticism about her religion and stayed firm in what she believed was genuinely inspiring to see. Her devotion to learning and practicing Islam, even when her own dad was not supportive was so refreshing to read, as opposed to the usual cliche of “muslim girl being oppressed”.⁠

⁠The book comes off as an honest reflection of the author and her own life experiences!⁠

I liked how the book doesn’t place Muslims in one bubble. Different characters representing different types of Muslims show how Muslims are so varied and diverse even amongst one ummah, although the book does promote a more liberal view.

I loved how Allie herself chose to be a practicing Muslim and pray and fast, and I love seeing how a Muslim character embraces faith for her love of God and finds peace in seeking Islam.⁠

⭐️⭐️I would def make sure young readers know how to handle flags and have faith-led guided discussions.

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