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Allah Loves

⭐️Written by@imamomarsuleimanand@yaqeeninstitute and published by@kubepublishing

Honestly, this book and the previous one “Prayers of the Pious” are honestly one of my FAVORITE buys of this Ramadan!!⠀

I recommend this for ages 13 and up. I love how the book is divided into thirty sections, each about 5 pages long. This makes for a great Ramadan read with your older children, with a potential topic for each day of the month.⠀

Each topic explains an Islamic quality that Allah loves in His worshippers. I like how true to the style of the previous book, there are colored pages with bold inspiration emphasizing important phrases. ⠀

The book is not heavy or dense at all. It is written in a conversational style that is easy to understand, with many Islamic sources and inspiration on improving our relationship with Allah, and being among those Allah Loves (Insha Allah🤲🤲)⠀

Islamic topics include: piety, repentance, excellence, angelic praise, sincere supplication, those who are trying, tears and traces, trust, patience, justice, the beneficial people, strengths, independence, healthy pride, honor, gentleness, humility without disgrace, forbearance and deliberation, due diligence, consistency, punctual prayers, cleanliness, the mosque, love, your mother, the unnoticed, generosity in trade, those who follow the Prophet (pbuh), acceptance of His gifts, and Beauty.⠀

I love that this is written by the scholar , which ensures the Islamic accuracy of the book. ⠀

I like how details are given to help each person apply the qualities to their life and a prayer at the end of each section asking Allah to endow us with these qualities.⠀

This is not only a Ramadan book, but a book that should be read year-round to help us increase our faith.⠀

May Allah accept us to be of those whom He loves❤️⠀

Get yours from Siraj store:


price: 13 usd

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