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Amazon-Prime Last minute Ramadan Decorations!

If you haven't decorated for Ramadan yet, don't worry! Check out these Amazon Prime options that will be delivered to your house the next day! And the best part is, the products are made by Islamic businesses and so you know that you are benefiting Islamic entrepreneurs!

Check out this Jasmine and Marigold Balloon set. It is a whole set of Ramadan balloons, complete with a gold crescent moon mylar balloon and two golden stars. Get it from Amazon for 16.99 usd. Click here to buy it now!

Check out this Ramadan and Eid Banner set by Zaffron Shop. It is only 12.99 usd and prime delivery. Click here to buy it now!

Check out this Ramadan centerpiece candle holder by Eidway. It can be painted by the kids and is perfect at displaying on your Iftar table. The price is 16.99 and it is also Prime delivery. Click the link here to buy it!

Check out these cute cookie cutters. Perfect for Ramadan and Eid. They are by EidWay and are 18.99 usd with Prime Shipping. Click the link here to buy.

Check out these Eidi envelopes, perfect for keeping all your children's eid money in one place and making sure they don't lose it! These are cutely designed by Zaffron Shop and only 8.99 usd with Prime shipping. Click the link here to buy!

Hope you find this useful!

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