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Aminah's Prayer Beads

A beautiful sweet book on the colors of prayer beads.

Genre: Early pb

Ages: 0-3

Author: Saffiya Shaheen

Illustrator: Azra Momin

Self published

Aminah wants to make prayer beads for her doll, but she can’t decide which color to pick- so she goes through them all until she decides on a multicolored set.

I loved the art on this book and I really believe it is the cutest part of this book and why kids will love it! It shows the different colors, and parents can read aloud and teach colors to their kids (although I kind of wish colors were written on the book as well- maybe even in Arabic and English).

I liked that the colors were all related to the creation of Allah, and I appreciated that the backmatter put some more emphasis on dhikr and what prayer beads are commonly used for (even though I am also aware many Muslims don’t like to use beads due to possible bidah aspects of it).

My only recommendation would be to possibly make this a board book and add the colors- as I can see young children enjoying this book as a read aloud with parents!


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