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Amina's Voice

If you have a daughter going to middle-school or know anyone that age, then this is the perfect chapter book for them!

The story is about Amina, a Pakistani-American girl struggling to figure out her feelings about heading to middle school, as well as navigate her emotions about her changing friends, her strict uncle visiting from Pakistan, and her rebellious brother.

I loved the perfect references to her culture and the Urdu words throughout the book. I also loved the descriptions of her love for her Masjid, her “totally relatable” reluctance to go to Sunday School, and her nervousness at the huge Quran Competition she is signed up for.

The book also addresses Islamaphobia and kids getting bullied by others at school for being different. ( I recalled memories of being called names for being a Syrian and Muslim when I was in elementary and middle school.) I love how the book taps into the reader’s emotions, and is not overly preachy or fake about anything.

What a brilliant writer Hena Khan is MashaAllah!

I absolutely recommend this book to young girls about to head into middle-school!

Something more I would have liked to see would be more details about the uncle. I felt like he stayed very unknown and I did not really understand how he changed towards the end.

Get yours from Amazon for only 7.99.


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