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Amir's Blue Jacket

A heartwarming story on the value of sharing, even when its hard! Genre: Picture Book Ages: 4-8 Author: Sarah Musa Illustrator: Rania Hasan Published by Ruqayas Bookshelf Amir’s grandpa has died and one of his ways to remember him is by wearing his grandfather’s blue jacket. But when it gets washed and shrinks, Amir has to learn that sometimes, the way to keep memories and love alive is by giving things away. My heart was touched at this gorgeous story. The sweet story combined with the vibrant pictures, both in color and memories in black and white, made it a joy to read. The lesson of sharing is done subtly and in a caring way, a way kids will understand and learn from and connect with. I also liked how grief is touched on and Amir realizes that keeping his Grandpa’s memory alive is by keeping his kindness going. Fall vibes too, with the apples and leaves interspersed in the pages, which also made me love the book even more! I also loved the Islamic idea of sadaqah jariyah, and how the good deeds of charity can last long after a person passes on! The last picture spread made me smile, as its a fun twist. Both the author and illustrator are a fave of mine and obv anything Ruqayas Bookshelf u cannot go wrong with! Get this book❤️

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