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Amira and Hamza

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Where do I even begin with this book?⁠

I would like to say that I loved it, cause I really did want to. Two visibly muslim kids, MG, Fantasy Fiction, adventure, Islamic history, STEM…so much appeared to be going for this book.⁠

But sadly, though the story appeared interesting, the follow through was poor, and by the time I read a third of the book, and flipped to look at the author notes, I knew I was done.⁠


The book starts with Amira and Hamza headed to a Moon sighting event. After some confusion at some Arabic letters carved into the building (the Shahada- REALLY, the very basic and one thing Muslims are supposed to know is a source of confusion?) and a statement that imagine the Islamaphobia if religious buildings actually had the Shahada on them (kinda confused as many Masjids in the US have islamic calligraphy on them??) Also, this puts the onus of Islamaphobia on the visible representation of Islam- super screwed up.⁠

Number two- the representation of Prophet Suleiman (AS): to take an important Prophet (they are allllll super important in Islam) and tell made-up stories about him is problematic to me. Add to that throughout the book Amira questions his wisdom and makes comments unsuitable to be made towards a prophet of God. Then the EVERLASTING SCROLL is mentioned, and it was stated that he “peeked at it”.⁠

The Everlasting Scroll seemed to reference the Lawh AlMahfuth (a Holy Written Text of God’s Divine Decree), and this is a serious religious matter in Islam, and to imply that anyone had a peek at it is problematic. Not to mention that Amira mentions she doesn’t believe in destiny (Qadr), literally a PILLAR of one of the six of Islamic FAITH.⁠

Trying to salvage this book, I flipped to the authors note. But it makes claims that this story is originally based on Islamic facts, and admits that it has added made up “oral story-telling” to it. This muddles Islamic facts with cultural tales, a problem in Muslim lit.

A Historical figures section concludes with inaccurate information. (Her sources included google?)⁠

The blase way this book treats Islamic history and Islamic tradition comes off disrespectful. And it is truly sad to see.

For another Islamic reviewer's opinion, different than mine, but def one I do respect: check out @islamicschoollibrarian : https://islamicschoollibrarian.com/2021/09/17/amira-hamza-the-war-to-save-the-worlds-by-samira-ahmed/

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