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Amira's Picture Day


Genre: Picture Book⠀

Age: 4-8⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

This new release by @reemfaruqi is a book all about EID and it is absolutely fantastic!!!⠀

Amira and her family sight the Eid Moon and start their Eid prep! Amira is so excited, especially when her mom draws beautiful mehndi on her hands, until she sees the flyer that Picture Day is tomorrow. Amira didn’t know she was going to miss it, because Eid isn’t announced beforehand due to it being based on sighting the moon (I loved this little tidbit of Islamic information)! She starts to feel deflated and sad, and no matter what she does on Eid day, each time she remembers, she gets sad. After the festivities at the Masjid, Amira looks at the leftover goody bags and gets an idea! Her family takes her to the school to pass them out and she makes it just in time for the class picture! And although Amira is a little nervous about her cultural clothes, she faces positive reactions and smiles wide for the camera!⠀

Amira is all of us, every single little Muslim child who has grown up in the west, worried about missing out at school events, and yet not wanting to miss out on Eid fun either! I love how the book doesn’t preach the emotions to the reader, but you are taken through her day step by step and you truly feel for her!⠀

I also truly felt the festivity of Eid through the pages and it is so exciting to see the balloons, goody bags, and fun picture taking at the Masjid!⠀

Also: how modern and real is it that picture taking is a HUGE part of Eid nowadays! I loved the poses the young ladies at the masjid were doing because it truly reminded me of how everyone is, young teens being goofy and everyone taking pictures (all for the gram lol😅)⠀

The pictures and illustrations were so cute and unique!!! I loved Amira’s quirky faces and the expressiveness of each character showcased their emotions perfectly!! The illustrator just might be a new favorite for me, as the pictures perfectly captured the essence of Eid and the diversity of the people in the book!⠀

The authors note and info at the end were perfect for Eid information.⠀

This is a wonderful book for both Muslims and NonMuslims alike

price: 13 usd

link: https://www.amazon.com/Amiras-Picture-Day-Reem-Faruqi/dp/0823440192/ref=sr_1_1?crid=27E9XM1CJY882&dchild=1&keywords=amira+picture+day&qid=1633708207&sprefix=amiras+p%2Caps%2C215&sr=8-1

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