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"Amjad in To Be or Not To Be"

I am gonna be brutally honest here: I am not usually a big fan of reading a lot of Arabic! I can read and write fluently Alhamdulilah, thanks to my parents, but I don’t enjoy it like English! I usually stick to short stories or board books to teach Arabic to my kids 😅

So, when Arabic Book A Month sent me this book, I first noticed how long it was and how much Arabic was in it. I began tentatively, but was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing and enjoying it, and reading it to my kids (they really enjoyed Amjad’s goofiness).

The book is called “Amjad in To be or not to be” (the title alone piqued my interest!). It is about a young boy named Amjad who is trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. He tries cooking...and burns everything. He tries music, but the neighbors complain...and on and on. The end of the book has a few blank pages for the reader to draw and write what they want to be.

The story is written in goofy rhyme, the illustrations are so cute, and the words are not hard to read for a second-language Arabic reader like me.

Arabic Book A Month is a subscription service that offers monthly or bimonthly Arabic books delivered to your house. The prices can’t be beat: when you subscribe to three books, each one is ten dollars which is the best price. One book is 15 dollars. Two is 25 dollars.

They offer cute board books, picture books, and pre-teen books. This gives you great incentive to keep reading new Arabic texts with your kids!

I have partnered with them to give you an extra discount! Use code: SHIFA5 to get an extra five dollars off of any book!


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