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An Ocean in one Drop

Genre: Advanced Picture Book⠀

Age: 6-9⠀

Price: £8.99⠀



Islamic notes: Haajar is drawn and illustrated, as well as baby Ismail, which made me very uncomfortable. There are Bible verses mentioned at the end, which teach kids that Haajar is mentioned in other religions as well.⠀

This book covers the story of Haajar and Saee. It starts off with Jamila, whose grandmother comes back from Hajj and brings a small bottle of zamzam with her. The grandmother explains the tale of Haajar and how Hajj includes a ritual of Saee to honor her and remember her by. Haajar’s faith in Allah helped her and she ran between Safa and Marwa seven times to look for water for her baby. Suddenly, she sees water near her son, as Allah had blessed them with the Zamzam spring. ⠀

The book mentions the duaa said when drinking Zamzam water, which I thought was super cool!! ⠀

Jamila’s grandmother tells her that this Zamzam water is the same we drink nowadays. Saee is discussed and the way Haajar has faith in God is discussed as an inspiration to us all to learn from. Makkah is built around this zamzam well, and the grandmother explains that in this drop of zamzam is a whole “ocean”, or a whole impactful story!⠀

This story is beautiful and the title and pages were very high quality. The page where the Zamzam water spills out is gorgeous, with shiny stars. My kids loved looking at it and listening to the story.⠀

The story is very important and so unique and I was very impressed with how it was explaining such a beautiful and important topic. ⠀

I did feel like the poem-like words were a little lengthy though and some words too complicated for kids to understand.⠀

I love how the book teaches kids about faith in Allah and how faith only brings good to life.⠀

The end of the book contains footnotes and sources, which I really liked and found useful for learning more about the story.⠀

This is a very unique hajj story and really sweet to read. ⠀

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