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Animals in the Quran search and find

Me and my toddler spent a good hour going through this book and she LOVES IT!

Genre: Picture Book (I spy format)

Ages: 4-9

Author: Jenny Molendyk Divleli

Illustrator: Guliz Gerdan

Publisher: Timas Publishing

Containing around 20 animals from the Quran, this book is a search and find book sure to be fun for families with little kiddos. Each page spread contains the animal name in Arabic and English, the location of the Quranic ayah the animals name is found in, as well as scientific information about the animal.

Then the sidebar contains the animals to find as well as extra fun things to look for. My kid loved this!!

This book is so useful as an interactive kids book! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the spreads fun to look at and search through.

I love how unique this book is and I am sure parents and kids alike will enjoy reading it.

Also bonus: it is quite large and glossy, surprisingly so, anddd it comes with a coloring book as well!!!

Available at the coolest @crescentmoonbookstore


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