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Arabic Alphabet Stacking Blocks

This block set was in some of the boxes for @bismillahboxkids ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰โ € โ € Rating: 10/10โ € โ € I absolutely love this Alphabet Block set from @goodwordbooks !โ € โ € Both the Arabic and English Alphabet are displayed on the blocks in colorful big letters that are easy for children to point out and recognize!โ € โ € The blocks are actually made of sturdy cardboard material, and this was amazing to me! One of my concerns with blocks is that my toddler has a tendency to throw them at me and her older siblings, and these being so lightweight make sure they do no damage to us!!โ € โ € I also love that the boxes are stackable but that their bottoms are hollow and so they can all be stacked on top of each other until they become just one box with all the others inside of it (like a nesting doll). It is perfect for easy clean up and storage.โ € โ € Plus the fact that you need to stack them a certain way helps children use their minds and hand-eye coordination to figure out the best way to stack them, and measure their size mentally to do so.โ € โ € The pictures are wonderful and good for extra Arabic learning and the words in Arabic will help even the most reluctant reader be excited to play and learn.โ € โ € A fun game can be played with these blocks: Point out the different letters and pictures to your kids as you stack. Have them identify them and if they identify them correctly, they can stack a block on top of them. If they get a picture incorrect, knock down the tower and begin again! This fun game is sure to encourage your kiddos to expand their Arabic learning.โ € โ € Subscribe to @bismillahboxkids for more cool and educational items like this one!โ € โ € These can be also be found individually at both @crescentmoonbookstore and @sirajstore โ €

(Helpful hint from my own experience: you save money when you get these items from @bismillahboxkids . Buying the box contents individually not only takes more time, but also costs more. Each item in the box bought individually costs almost as much as half an entire standard box!)

Link for Bismillahboxkids:

Prices: VARY based on box, check instagram for coupons

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