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Arabic and English Wall Decals

Arabic and English, side by side...a true representation of my life and my struggle to teach my kids both languages equally. Its pretty cool but I definitely feel like when I switch between using the two languages, I use conscious effort to flip my brain, and once I start talking a language, it gets easier the more I go on! fun is it to hear your children use Arabish/Arglish(a word that means the merge of arabic and english words lol)!

I remember using some words when I was little, like im ratebing (im cleaning) and im irkuding (im running) lol I definitely feel like putting these decals up helped my kids learn their letters better and it was a nice reminder to review them at least once each day. ( my kids like playing teacher and using a pointer to pretend teach each other)😉

Get these cool upper and lower case english decals and these beautiful Arabic decals by Bayt Orange from Amazon.

English decals: for 10.99

Arabic decals: for 20 dollars

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