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Arabic books/resources for Kids of All Ages and Levels

Arabic is the language of the Quran and super important for all of us to learn and teach our kids. But it is definitely hard, and we often get busy teaching other subjects during the school year.

Summer is the perfect time for more Arabic Learning. Schools are finally out, and if your kids are anything like mine, they are complaining about being bored...

So what better cure to boredom than FUN learning (my kids are rolling their eyes at me as I say this).

I have compiled this list of Arabic resources, divided by age and level, to help you decide which resources are right for you. I know there is so much out there, but please note that my lists/recommendations are based only on items/books that I have personally tried!!

Click on each link to go to the direct site and buy it!


Ages 0-3/Starting:

At this age, children learn by listening and start recognizing shapes of Arabic letters. The resources are meant to be used by parents to read to their children.

  1. Civilian Publishing Books (set of three)

  2. Paint the Arabic Alphabet

  3. My Touch and Feel (اب ت)

  4. Shameema's Coloring for Kids (Arabic Alphabet)

  5. Ma Haatha

  6. Arabic Stacking blocks

  7. My Arabic Mat

  8. Arabic Sound Puzzle

  9. Arabic Felt Letter (touch and feel)

Beginner Level ages 3+

At this age, children recognizing the letters. These resources contain writing/coloring exercises, as well as beginner reading to help expand vocabulary.

  1. Dinosaur Arabic Coloring Book (Hijaya Hunt)

  2. My Quran Alphabet Book

  3. My Quran Alphabet Activity Book

  4. Arabic Letters Activity Book

  5. My Arabi Box Matching Cards

  6. Arabic Blocks

  7. Alphabet Refrigerator Magnet Set

  8. Arabic Playdough

Middle Level: Ages 4+

At this level, kids master the letters, though they forget at times. They read a few letters/words together at a time. They are starting to recognize how letters change.

  1. I love you Allah (bilingual book)

  2. The Adventures of Arnoob and Batoot

  3. My Arabi Box Activity Book

  4. Arabic Bingo Game

  5. Quran Snap Cards

  6. Yalla Make Words

  7. Names of Allah Cards

Intermediate Level: Ages 6+

At this level, kids are put Arabic letters together, know harakat, and start reading on their own, slowly. They copy Arabic words. Their vocabulary is expanding.

  1. Timthoub series

  2. Crescent Moon and Pointed Minarets (in Arabic)

  3. Which Letter did the Monster Eat? (Arabic Book)

  4. What do you say? Compass books

  5. Gardens of Arabic Letter cards

  6. Quranic Opposites Puzzle

  7. Bidaya Workbook

Advanced Level: Ages 8+

At this level, kids are starting to read more independently. They start recognizing complex harakat, and start understanding Arabic words/meanings on their own.

  1. The Forever Tree

  2. DanDana leveled books

  3. 101 stories of the Quran and Duaas (in Arabic)

  4. Amjad in to be or not to be

  5. The Box of Manners

Subscription Arabic Service:

Arabic Seeds is an Affordable Digital online Arabic Service that has different Units for Arabic Learning. A membership with this company opens up many resources and printables perfect for teaching Arabic.

Quran Resources:

These have a different Category, due to the difference between Quranic Arabic and Standard Arabic.

1. Bidaya Book

2. Quranic Nuraniyah Resource: Read and Rise plus Kitaab Pen

3. Learning Juz Amma: Learning Roots Juz Amma plus Kiitab Pen

4. Juz Amma on its own

5. Juz Amma Chart

I hope these help in giving parents the motivation to teach more Arabic to their kids, or even start from the very beginning.

Check out my Amazon Page for more!

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