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Arabic Legos

Want a cool cheap DIY to teach your kids to learn to read/write Arabic! I found these legos with printed letters on them at the MAS-ICNA Convention....but then I went home and thought of ways to expand it!

All you need is a permanent marker and a bag of assorted legos.

The two pronged legos can be used for letters and harakat and mads.

The four pronged legos can be used to put words together and teach kids to put them together. (the word can be written in English instead of a picture on one side)

Tiny two pronged legos can be used to attach to the big ones to create harakat on top or bottom. Words can be written on the long legos, with the smaller legs attaching to match!

I also bought some arabic vocabulary books to help my kids think of words to build with the letters. I loved making these legos and spending quality time building fun letters with my kids.

Pictures are worth a thousand scroll through to see exactly how to use this tool! Check out my Facebook and Instagram @muslimmommyblog for more!

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