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Arabic Number Card Game

One of our favorite family games to play together is UNO! I love this game because it helps teach my kids the numbers and colors, as well as pushes them to use their minds to figure out the best move to win.

I have always wished that there was a similar Arabic game, but I did not find any. So, I took matters into my own hands and made a DIY Arabic card game! And it is super fun!

Look at the pictures on Facebook or Instagram @muslimmommyblog for more pictures!

You will need: red, blue, yellow, black, and green construction paper. A scissors. A glue stick. Two to three scotch tape rolls.


Fold a paper over horizontally, cut the middle, and then fold again in half and cut sides again, and then again until you have eight cards.

For the red, blue, green, and yellow cards, you need 10 cards numbered 0-9. You can use a mason jar to draw a circle in the middle of the card, and then write the number in the circle (you can honestly use as many cards as you want)

For the black cards, I made a lot more, because I glued the back of them on each colored card. This is so when the card is held up, it will not show what color is on the inside.

I also used the black cards to make variations (it is up to you to use these): like colored wheels (where the person that has the card gets to choose the color), arrows (which means to reverse the player order), plus 2 and plus 4 (which when placed down makes the next player add that many cards to their deck).

Once the cards are glued together, cut the sides to make sure the colors are not overlapping. Use the tape to cover the card horizontally. I used two strips for each side. Cut the sides of the tape to fit the card. Now, you have DIY laminate durable cards.

Use a supply box for storing the cards.

How to play: You place all cards facedown in a deck. Pick five for each player: hide them from the other players. Put one of the cards from the deck face up and start in order. Each person must have a card the same number or color as the one face up to place it over. The idea is to get rid if all your cards the fastest. Enjoy!

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