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Arabic Writing Board

⭐️⭐️⭐️My fave new Arabic resource!

Manufacturer: @imaan_kidz

Available in the US: @muslim.memories

Ages: 3-5

Honestly, super impressed by this new Arabic resource.

We just started another Arabic journey with our now three and a half year old. The first step is letter recognition, and this board is absolutely wonderful for that! It is absolutely unique in its magnetic usage, with the pen pulling the silver balls upwards to fill the letters. Then you use the opposite side to push them down and start all over!

This game is being used over and over and its really fun, even by the 7 and 10 year old. Its super satisfying and dare I say therapeutic (for me lol) to fill the letter and then see it empty out. Its almost like those pop it fidget toys the kids like these days.

The Arabic learning is awesome, and I find my toddler repeating the letters after me, and the pen is setting the stage for her to write the Arabic letters.

The bonus of a pen: it gets her little hands used to holding a writing utensil early on!

Another benefit is that there are only two pieces to the whole toy. No little letters going everywhere (clutter is the bane of my existence) , everything stays in one place!

I also liked how the transliteration of each letter was written underneath, which is a big help for parents or siblings who are still learning Arabic themselves!

I absolutely recommend!!❤️

price: 22 usd


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