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As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow

I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I read it. My heart has been waiting, and I will forever be touched by this beautiful story! ❤️

Genre: Young Adult

Ages: 15 plus

Available: my Amazon page- link in bio!!! Preorder please, preorders help authors ❤️

Screening: bombs/violence, a few cuss words, attempted assault, and ptsd (all appropriate for the recommended age group)

A bomb dropped on Salama’s home and took away her whole life. With her mother gone, and her father and brother imprisoned, she only has her pregnant sister in law to take care of and her nursing at the hospital to occupy her time. But time is running out and she has to get her sis in law out of Homs and away from danger before she gives birth. With her ptsd manifesting as a hallucination, Salama has to figure out how to convince the refugee smuggler to let them on the boat. When the man’s daughter is injured, Salama gets her chance…

But then she meets Kenan. The boy it feels Fate has always meant for her. The boy with a camera, who shows her the color in the world. The gentle wonderful amazing man of her dreams. Can she truly leave him behind?

She can’t lose any more💔

Ahhhhh even writing this summary is giving me chills. I have read many Syrian stories about the Revolution and refugee stories. But nothing prepared me for this. Having a Syrian author pen a story like this just ripped my heart open and yet I savored every second and every word I read.

The masterful writing, the lyrical qualities, the flowers, the medicine, the Syrian culture, the contemporary issues…the pain and the lessons!

I will never be the same.

No words can cover how much this book meant to me. This book is necessary to be read by every teen and every adult, as it finally brings to light the suffering of the Syrian people but also the love of Syrians for their country.

It took 11 years to read a book that fully encapsulates how I feel as a Syrian. And I hope it won’t take another 11 for my beloved Syria to be free.


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