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Asiyah and Asad Save Ramadan

I got this on Amazon Kindle unlimited.⠀

The idea behind the book is great and much needed and relevant in this time. ⠀

The book essentially is about how coronavirus (mentioned in the text briefly) has impacted this year’s Ramadan. Asyah and her pet lion are trying to solve the changing situation of Ramadan this year because of the virus and the fact that they can’t go to the Masjid. They end up realizing that they have to change their mentality about Ramadan and that looking at the positive is the most important part. It is a valuable moral for sure. ⠀

I loved the intention behind this book, but I did find it a little disappointing.⠀

First, it was a little hard to read. There were grammar issues, there was wordiness, and even a few confusing linguistic issues. I also couldn’t really follow the reasons on how they learned the moral; it seemed a little unrealistic.

I truly believe that it might have been rushed because of the current events and unfortunately that showed.⠀

However: The illustrations are super cute and attractive. I hope that future books with these lovable little characters show them solving more relevant problems with Islamic wisdom.⠀

The book had a lot of Islamic ideas and facts about Ramadan (I would have liked to see them sourced.)⠀

Overall though, this is an adorable story with a valuable moral. I suggest that the authors use a professional editor to help with any future work and wish them the best.

Available on Amazon. Authored by: @asiyahandasad

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